• Vince, our salesperson was straightforward, professional, and followed up on all minor details required for my son's first car to be purchased and function without a hitch. I will do business with A & B Motors once again. Don't be hesitant to ask any hard questions. You will get clear, truthful answers and information from Vince. He is always helpful for me for any issue related to this vehicle, even nearly one year after our purchase in March 2012.

    Posted By: Peter S.


  • I bought my 2009 mazda3 hatchback at A&B motors back in May of this year. So far everything is great. Vince is the best. He was totally upfront, honest, and genuinely helpful. He answered all my questions and concerns. He didn't try to hide anything from me when we were negotiating the price. He got me an amazing deal. I really appreciated his patients and understanding when it came to my budget. The car runs great. I named it "buddy". The only minor problem I had, was it needed an alignment about 4 months after I got it, but Vince totally took care of me. I took it back to Vince and that same day about 2 hours later it was done and "on the house". Amazing customer service. I really lucked out with this dealership for my first car purchase. Local, dependable and did I mention Amazing customer service. I tell everyone about this dealership cause I'm the proud owner of an awesome mazda3 because of them!

    Posted By: Diana Mendez


  • I have just picked up an Audi A5 cabriolet here and could not have been more satisfied. I have shopped around for this car, and exact package for close to a year. Their prices are very fair, and Vince was beyond helpful. No pressure here, he insisted on me test driving it on my own, and answer each and every question with great detail. He was even able to get me a great financing rate, which beat every other rate i have seen during months of car shopping. The process was super easy, I called and inquired about the car and asked to put a deposit for them to hold it until I can make it there, they did not even want a deposit, they were glad to hold it for me for no charge. I got there and the car was ready and detailed, tires changed and fluids changed/topped off. I typically would not go to small dealers, especially for a car like this, but soooo glad I did. From the moment I walked in, to the time I drove out with the car, it was nothing but pleasant. Kudos to them, and if you are in the market for any luxury car, I definitely recommend you speak with Vince. Their lot is full of Audis, BMWs, Porsches..etc

    Posted By: Jad


  • Satisfied Customer - 8 years ago I bought my BMW 3 Series from A&B and it was the best car purchase I've ever made. The car is still beautiful, but mechanically it was an awesome drive. Everything worked as it should. Drove like a new car for years. After 5 years of working 100%, it began having normal BMW 3 series minor electrical issues. A sensor on the dash would go off whether there was an issue or not. In spite of these issues, with normal maintenance, mechanically the car has been awesome; Dependable, fun to drive, good gas milage, and handles quick and responsive. Truly amazing sport package suspension. I've put over 140,000 miles on it. (even with the seatbelt sensor on!) If you look at the price of the car when it was sold new vs what I paid A&B, this was the best value car purchase I've made. Been driving SoCal for 30 years. Cool thing was when we went in last week to look at another A&B car, Robert , not realizing I was a past customer, brought up potential 3 series sensor issues that could occure down the line. We just picked up our new purchase from A&B this week. Another beautiful car with a very high safety rating at a low price. Thanks Alfred and Robert!

    Posted By: Dennis C.

  • First car experience was here, && man i don't regret it one bit! Got a 2011 Chevy Cruze Eco with 7,000 miles for a very low price! Was attended by Vince with no pressure, knew what he was talking about and pretty much fun to talk to. While i took it for a test drive he took the liberty and did some extra research on the car. When we settled down for the paper work he threw in a tank of gas, and washed the car! Overall great experience with all the staff that works there, and Vince! Would recommend them to anyone looking for a great price on a used top of the line car! Thanks so much guys, DEFINATLEY will be returning for another car in the future! OH, and they have AC in the office, GREAT since it hot around this time!! =)

    Posted By: Carlos Estrada Jr.


  • Just Bought My first car from Vince.. It was the best experience that i have had in the all my car buying years. He got us approved quick and into the car we loved. We will back in the Future for another car.. Thank You AB motors and Vince

    Posted By: Amar Singh


  • After months of online searching for a used vehicle with low mileage and several other specifications, my husband found one of interest at A and B Motors. One call, connected us to "Vince", who stayed late that evening to accomadate us. We found Vince to be a very honest, personable and refreshing salesman. Our experience was very pleasureable and we were able to test drive and inspect the vehicle freely with no pressure. Any questions asked were answered fully or if unable, information researched utilizing other resources or looked up to meet our satisfaction. Vince and Alfred worked with us, which resulted in a purchase that evening. We had a special request of providing us with the books for that model, which were not with the vehicle and they followed through (we received them in the mail the next week). We had a very positive experience, love the vehicle and felt we received a good deal. Thank you and GREAT JOB Vince!

    Posted By: The Scott Family


  • I was pleasantly surprised by A & B Motors (ESPECIALLY by Vince!) After having an 800 + FICO for past 26 years, I was forced into BK by circumstances outside my control. For the first time, I was going to be in a position to be punished and raped by lenders with crazy interest rates. I've purchased a dozen vehicles in my life, and did not enjoy the BS "negotiation battle" that I endured with most purchases. Vince was great to deal with...no BS...just upfront and to the point. I had a couple minor issues with the truck he sold me, but he did not hesitate to work with me to get the issues corrected. For me, Vince and A & B embodied two important qualities: 1) a no pressure, straightforward buying experience; 2) prompt, no haggle follow through on servicing vehicle issues. I have/will tell others needing a vehicle to see Vince first!

    Posted By: Mark Winans


  • We have only had the car a couple days. This review is for customer service and what we anticipate the car to be. Vince was great. He seems to be a true lover of cars and his passion came through in his presentation. I never felt like we were being pressured. Vince is either ther greatest sales guy on the planet, or the greatest sales guy on the planet. If all goes well we will definitely be buying our cars in the future from A&B.

    Posted By: Lisa Wetzel

  • I just purchased a Mazda Miata from A&B Motors...helped by Vahe (Vince),their wonderful representative! Vince was upfront,honest,knowledgeable and sensitive to my concerns. I will definitely return if and when I need another car! A&B is GREAT!

    Posted By: C. A. Patry


  • After looking at many places online for a used BMW, Vince from A&B was the only one to offer me the most for my trade in and he was able to beat out my credit union on a used car rate that brought my payments significantly lower per month. I've purchased many cars over the years and I can honestly say that Vince was by far the most informative and to the point than any other dealer I've been to. He was able to answer all of my questions and even provided me the carfax before I made the commitment to buy. After the treatment I received at A&B, I will never set foot in a large dealership again.

    Posted By: Daniel Martinez


  • I just purchased my 3rd car from A&B motors. I won't go anywhere else. A&B motors is about excellent and friendly customer service. The best prices and the best cars. Alfred, Robert and the team are exceptional. Thank You guys!! Now is time to enjoy my car....

    Posted By: Walter Medrano


  • A&B Motor Car staff worked on securing the best finance for the vehicle we wanted. My wife and I couldn't have been more pleased (US Bank). Alfred & Vince had made all arrangements to have the procedure go smoothly (which it did). The vehicle, customer service and detail to quality is second to none. We are very happy with the vehicle and the on going support A&B Motor Cars gave us. I truly recommend them if you are looking for a beautiful car at an exceptional price with value. I shall differently purchase my next car from them. What a collection of truly fine automobiles. Thank you Vince/Alfred & Robert. The Melville's.

    Posted By: Clive Melville


  • I bought two cars one in 2009& 2010 g35 and es330,both cars are running very good so for no problem, i recommend if you like to save some money and also get nice cars. thans

    Posted By: Balwinder Sandhu